Orc Commander

One of my older projects, this Orc was the basis for many explorations. My modular rigging method, joint based muscle system and joint-based face rig were all tested on this guy. He was also the first to be rendered using my realtime crosshatch shader.

This is an overview of some face-rig tests with two versions of the Orc. Newer version is the right-hand side series.
Original sculpt and concept piece I created in 2014. Concept was created using Galaxy Note 10.1 with an early version of Autodesk Sketchbook. As an artwork it leaves much to be desired, however as a concept I felt I had to bring the Orc to 3d!
Realtime crosshatch shader. This is a basic proof of concept and it works like a charm. It is not screenspace projection, but rather uses camera and surface vector to project a small texture. Here I used a very simple texture, however this shader can be used to achieve any crosshatch look desired.
Face rig testing. No blendshapes used, only 17 joints to drive this (including the head itself).