Allround Creative Studio for Digital Arts


We provide a wide range of services covering about everything from concept illustration to fully rigged and animated game asset or even a game prototype in Unity or Unreal. Whether you need custom rigging solutions, animation for video, models for 3d print; we can most likely provide you with what you are looking for! See below for a bit more detail on these services.

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We provide digital modelling/sculpting for various purposes
  • High resolution character & environment art
  • Sculpting 3d print (either in single pieces or modular kits) using Zbrush
  • Realistic clothing and cloth for art or simulation purposes using Zbrush and Marvelous Designer
  • Low poly modeling for games
  • Subd & nurbds modeling
  • Texturing
  • Stylized or realistic
See the gallery for examples.


Our expertise in animation is built on many years of character animation for games and video, mainly in Maya. This can be manual animation or code and physics driven animation. Additionally we specialize in rigging and can offer custom rigging solutions to any animation needs.
  • 3D Animation for games and video using MAYA
  • Physics based animation (explosions, secundary animation for characters/machines/etc
  • Sprite & character animation in Unity
  • Particle effects in Unity
  • Rigging in Maya
  • Custom rigging solutions, such as modular systems, lightweight muscle solutions and whatever animation needs might require
  • Animation integration in Unity or Unreal
  • Course development and training in animation
See the gallery for examples.


Additionally we provide a wide range of character-art and game development related services:
  • Illustration and concept art
  • Sculpting for 3d print and miniature or toy production
  • Game design & prototyping in Unity
  • Shader design & coding (cgfx/hlsl/unity Shaderlab/node-based)
  • Tool development in Unity
  • MEL & Python scripting in Maya for workflow automation and light tool development