Halo Spartan Assault

Employed at Vanguard Games
Twin stick shooter for Microsoft and 343 studios to be published as a mobile and steam game.
Role: Senior Artist
> Design of level-building methods, including modeling and texturing of ice and stone environment building blocks
> Concept and modeling of bridge, intact and damaged
> Modeling of UNSC turret and polish pass on several covenant assets
> Modeling of plant-life and rock assets
> Background texturing/painting for two levels, with support by Luc de Haan
> A few level blockouts and detailing passes
> Rigging setup made to re-use baked animation (it attached rig controls to animated bones and allowed tweaking/modification) and rigging support
> Animation supervision
> Shader design and coding for ice shader and FX shader (for fire/shields/energy FX etc)
> Prototyping of energy effects using FX shader
> Exporter rewrites and maintenance
> Tech for texture projection and model optimization for fixed-path camera movement (this was an early design for the game, later replaced with free camera movement)

Modeling and texturing of various plant types, creation of the stone slabs the level was made up of, level blockout and a large portion of detailing for one of the forest levels.
Layout of level: I wanted to do something with arcs, creating a sense of depth. I was also responsible for creating the base model and texture set for these rocky environments, including the arcs, rocks and pilars for level building.
Created the energy arcs and wrote the FX shader for rendering them. I created the background painting as seen here, following the method established by our concept artist, before handing it to another artist to add smaller lava veins.
Designed, modeled and textured this bridge in a modular fashion (so other structures could be made with it). Design inspired by former Halo games.
Designed the building method for level geometry and provided several base set building blocks such as these ice slabs, including texturing. I created the background painting visible in the left corner and the plasma effect on the spaceship using the FX shader I created.