Client: employed at Vanguard Games

An unreleased mobile game aiming for lightweight technical solutions delivering a high end visual experience.
Role: Character art & animation supervisor
● Visual development for characters
● Modeling & Texturing
● Character Rigging
● Character & effect animation
● Shader design & coding in hlsl
● Art pipeline development and support
Model, rig, textures, character shader, effect shader, character animation and effect. So everything displayed here. Including the terrain, but that's just a test thing.
Run, run stop, draw sword and attack animation, showcasing a trace effect solution.
Early character prototype sculpt with some hair explorations.
Character shader showcasing some of its features: teamcolor and status colorization.
Character shader development. This single pass shader could render up to 4 'types'. In the case of this character: skin, metal, leather and a sort of scale plating.
The leather gets its quality from specular variations under different angles.
Skin needed to be rendered in a soft toon-like fashion (think pixar)